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Friday, August 15, 2014 8:35:58 PM


Storage of Customer Personal Information
Data submitted on this site is electronically retained for the sole use of PhoneCroatia.com. Credit card information, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are stored for the purposes of identifying customer accounts in the event that customer service actions need to be performed. All information is stored in a secure location.

Distribution of Customer Records
PhoneCroatia.com does not sell or distribute individual information gathered, including but not limited to personal information, credit card information, and demographic information.

Use of Customer Email Addresses
Customer email addresses are retained as a method of contact between the customer and PhoneCroatia.com. Unsolicited emails may be sent from PhoneCroatia.com to an individual or a group of customers, but only email that pertains to PhoneCroatia.com's products, services, or other matters of obvious concern to the customer (by spencer hoggart). While these emails may be sent in bulk, other customers will not be able to learn the email addresses of the other people receiving the email.
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