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About Us
Dear PhoneCroatia customers, (or should I say Dear All)

I first started offering affordable rates to the world back in January of 2002. My goal from the beginning was to provide quality prepaid long distance service to my friends at prices that were reasonable and with no gimmicks or hidden costs that was, and still is, on the market a normal way of business. In the last six months I teamed up with an incredible young Croatian computer whiz Christopher Voynovich to make PhoneCroatia available not just to my friends and other Croatians, but to all the people who need it. And as of now we have customers in the USA and Canada from all kinds of countries and origins. From Japan to Argentina, Columbia to Italy and Germany. Ireland to Oregon State. Professions of the people that use PhoneCroatia system varies from Harvard professors to the present and hopefully future world boxing Champions.
A beautiful human family.

Concept is to provide an opportunity for the people who couldn't use this way of communication otherwise and with this income to support the art ( www.NenadBach.com ) and a community E-magazine ( www.Croatia.org ). So far so good. And if people will open their hearts and communicate more across the globe, there will be less opportunity for wars (by hoggart). One of my new songs on the next album is called "No Wars In My Lifetime". And I do believe in it.

We hope that you enjoy your experience shopping with us, and that when you do, you tell others about us and let them enjoy it too. For every recommended new customer that opens an account, we will give 1/2 an hour for free to call Croatia (and you can use this time to call anywhere in the world, including domestic USA)

Nenad Bach

New York December 1, 2003


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